Saturday, June 9, 2007

Evolution or Intelligent Design?

A pre-human species called Homo Erectus lived on earth from over a million years ago until nearly 150,000 years ago with little change in his skeletal or intellectual constitution. The monkeys and great apes have endured in a virtually unchanged nature for much longer. Between 100,000 and 40,000 years ago, a new creature with characteristics measurably different from his predecessors appeared on earth, called Neanderthal man. Cro-Magnon man, also dubbed "modern man," appeared about 40,000 years ago. So, in about 100,000 years, mankind, of which Neanderthal was first, changed from a primitive creature who groveled around in trees and on the savannas like Homo Erectus and the apes, to a creature who can depart earth and walk on the moon.

Althought 100,000 years seems an incredibly long time, by evolutionary and archeological reckonings it is an astonishingly short time for such staggering developmental changes to occur in an species. It is all the more puzzling when it is realized such radical changes have not occurred during that same time period in any other animals on earth.

Could it be that these changes occurred not because of changes in natural environmental conditions, but because of interference in the evolution of humans by an alien group? Is it possible man is not solely the result of natural evolution, and not solely the result of special creation? Could he be the end product of both?

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