Saturday, June 9, 2007

Paternity Fraud

Many men are being forced to pay child support for kids that aren’t even theirs. This guy was lucky because he was born in Michigan, not Jordan. Oh yeah, he's also gay.

As Mr. Shaieb later put it, "In my entire 45 years of living, I have never seen a vagina in person."


Amy Alkon said...

Found your blog in my technorati links. Thanks for linking to this. People - men and women - who are for fairness and justice need to speak out against this. It's the only area in which a man is presumed guilty until he spends thousands of dollars to defend himself, and in which DNA evidence that would clear him can only be presented within a short time window. Please spread the word -- and beyond the men's movement. -Amy Alkon

Kollarrow said...

I'm really surprised that this is even an issue.

I don't use the word "Kafkaesque" very much but it would apply in this case.