Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What could go wrong?

San Francisco spent $800,000 last year for 2 million syringes to be given free to drug abusers in the hope that users would turn in old syringes and help lessen the spread of blood-borne diseases.

As of today they don’t even have any reliable data on how many used syringes were actually returned. Surprise.

People are beginning to notice that the city’s parks are becoming dumping grounds for used syringes. Surprise.

Someone remarks that "people with used needles don’t have much civic consciousness - especially when they’re high." Surprise.

So why not place "biohazard boxes" in the park so users could drop their used syringes there?

No, a parks spokesman says, "Many people are completely against that route. The questions are: ‘Do we really want them in the bathrooms? What if a kid popped one open or they were vandalized?’ "

Mayor Gavin Newsom is steaming mad. Surprise?

Meanwhile, since it's working so well in San Francisco, New Jersey is deciding to do the same thing.

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