Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Love of Life

The West is dying because it has lost its love for life, and it is still struggling to dismantle many of the ancient rules that kept its behavior consistent with its continued survival, such as abortion, no-fault divorce, gay marriage, and euthanasia. But at least our enemies hate life even more than we do, so there will be no worldwide caliphate. The jihadis are full of ideas on how to destroy civilizations, but they have only a vague idea of how to build new ones.

This puts them ahead of our homegrown leftists, though. With the collapse of Communism, our leftists don’t even have a vague idea of how or why Utopia will spring forth from the ground once they’ve smashed evil capitalism. Their forebears at least had nice fairy tales about sharing everything equally, universal brotherhood of man, and scientific socialism. But with the modern leftists, I can’t even tell what fairy tale they claim to be fighting for.

The good news is that life’s requirements cannot be changed, not by any act of Congress, shift in public opinion, or act of mass destruction. Perhaps the world will burn, the streets will flow with blood, and millions will die. Perhaps. But none of it will last, because there’s no future in destruction. The future belongs to those who want to live, and who are willing to do what life requires.


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